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the nightlight with no nightlife...

don't switch me off

Siran Nils // Glo
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Character's Name: Siran Nils
Character's Age: 17
Character's Codename: Glo
Character's Powers: Siran often jokes that she is a living, breathing solar panel. In order to function physically, Siran has to get at least a small dose of natural sunlight or ultraviolet rays at least once a day because in addition to air, food and water, her body requires light as well. Her mutant powers cause Siran to give off a dull glow 24-7, making her a light generating machine, and if she doesn't get to recharge she'll become ill. Her dull glow isn't noticeable during the day, but at night she sticks out like a sore thumb. This has prevented her from nightly outings unless she can work up an excuse for her "halo".

Siran's area of expertise is obviously light. She can absorb it and expell it in varying amounts - eventually her maximum will be a pulse that's so bright it could be seen from outer space. The light itself isn't harmful, outside of the fact that it can cause temporary to permanent blindness depending on how long your eyes are open and how powerful her release is. If she is able to keep herself on a powerful glow long enough, the air around her can become hot and make it difficult to touch her.

Right now, Siran can reverse this and absorb the light from a room, sometimes shorting out electrically powered lights and use it for a temporary boost in power. Artificial light is like the junkfood of light. It can make you hyper for a bit, but it doesn't last long.

She can also manipulate light, although she's not aware of that yet. In the future, Siran will be able to bend the light around her to make her invisible to the eye - which is a pretty cool trick. She can also bend the light around objects or other people, although doing more than one person or bigger objects is very draining for her at the moment. It is also believed that Siran may be able to focus light to the point where it becomes laser-like, much like Dazzler did, but she lacks the control to pull it off.

All in all, she lacks any offensive abilities. But that's okay, since Siran doesn't go looking for a fight anyway.

(sum up: right now, she can only absorb and expell light. Although she doesn't know how to create huge pulses she can make them rather bright. When she's afraid she lacks control over how strong they are and cause damage to people's eyes unintentionally.)

Character's Strengths: her areas of interest and talent are poetry, kick boxing and math. She's kind and approachable. She's a person who's open to others and always willing to help out. She loves community service and trying new things, despite the risks.

Character's Weaknesses: her strong faith in the good in people often leads her to be gullible and her quest to try new things can lead her into mischief. She takes things people say to her to heart - which can lower her self-esteem if they're bad things. She also lacks backbone in verbal fights because her mind often goes blank in confrontations and she doesn't think of what to say until much later.

Additional Tidbits: 1) Siran is an outdoors person and loves to camp. She's always wanted to be a girl scout leader, but isn't sure if that's possible with her glow. 2) Although it sucks not to be able to go out with friends at night all the time, it's not angst worthy. Siran doesn't have much angst to deal with at all in her life, which sometimes makes her feel strange around all those who have had a rough time.

Character's History:
Siran was born and raised in Maryland, living under her Aunt Azra's roof because her mother died in childbirth and her father had walked out months before she was born. Her childhood was normal for the most part; she went to public school, she was on the local swim team, and she helped her Aunt bake cookies for her church's bake sales. Siran had two best friends, a cat, and a swing set in her backyard. All in all, life was good to her. When Siran got to middle school she was placed in the gifted and talented program, and with help from her Aunt, who was a math teacher, she kept her grades very high. She found that she was good at softball too and was encouraged to join a recreational league every spring.

It wasn't until her eighth grade year that she began to have any sort of troubles. Out of the blue, her father began to try to contact her and her Aunt tried to keep him as far away from Siran as possible. Siran was confused by it all and it brought up very negative feelings that she hadn't dealt with as a child. She avoided him at her Aunt's warnings, but somehow he managed to find her alone one day. The conversation upset her so much that Siran suddenly found herself glowing with blinding light - a light that managed to fry the retinas of her would-be dad. Siran fled back home where she spilled the entire story to her Aunt. Scared about what Siran's father would do and the fact that Siran had displayed mutant powers, Azra decided to move them out of state until she could figure out what to do. The two went to live in Syracuse, New York for a couple of years where Siran was home schooled and worked as an assistant for the local middle school's softball team. When Siran got a card from her father in the mail, Azra decided it was time to send Siran to Xavier's school, a place she'd learned about in her research to help Siran with her mutant abilities. Siran left for the school right after her seventeenth birthday. She's happy to go to a school with other mutants, but she's sad to leave her Aunt and her home in Syracuse.